What Parents Say about Montreat College

Come see for yourself what Montreat College can do to carry out the mission you began with your child.  Read about the ways that Montreat has fulfilled a dream many parents have for their child's college education.


"My son has flourished beyond anything we could have wished..."

Thank you for all that God is doing through you and others at Montreat with the student body there. My son has flourished beyond anything we could have wished and prayed for during his time at Montreat. We have been humbled by what God is doing in his life and by the people He has put in his path.

Neil Jackson, father of Montreat College student Stephen Jackson
Melbourne, Florida





"Some of my son’s professors are life mentors..."

Montreat College is not a safe haven that isolates young adults from today’s negative and dangerous influences, but a Christian influenced garden that allows that adult child to develop their own deep roots. Rather than graduating from a vacuum into the real world, Montreat has assisted our son to grow stronger, healthier and be emotionally and economically prepared for life.

Some of my son’s professors are life mentors and his “band of brothers” provide a community of fellowship that I hope will last a lifetime.

Carol Platt, mother of Montreat College student Joshua Platt:
Winter Haven, Florida, mother

"Montreat College won my heart before it won my daughter’s..."


Having spent eighteen years raising and educating my daughter, I was deeply committed to her education plans for her adult life: what if the college she chose didn’t embrace her Christian values? What if she wasn’t understood or appreciated? What if …? But, once we visited (from New Hampshire, no less), she felt at home in her first hour on campus, and now that she’s settled in as a student, she is very happy at Montreat College and content with her choice.

Montreat College won my heart before it won my daughter’s. I am delighted she made the choice to spend four years at Montreat under your wise and diligent leadership. I truly believe that all those at Montreat who are teaching my daughter are partners with me in carrying on what God led me to start so many years ago.

My heart is able to rest secure knowing that her further training is in capable hands; thank you for your faithfulness in being unapologetically bold for Christ and encouraging my precious daughter in her desire to do likewise!

I worked to launch Audrey into the world as a citizen who loves God and is ready to give Him her talents and gifts. I am thankful that we found Montreat College once she was ready to move out into the world to see what God would have her do.

G. Beatrice Coffman
Proud mother of Audrey W. Coffman, Distinguished Scholar, Montreat College



 "My son considers Montreat his number one choice..."

I want to thank each of you for time and hospitality during or visit to Montreat. On our way back to Winton-Salem my son said he does not want to make anymore college visits and considers Montreat his number one choice.”

Father of prospective Montreat College student
Winston-Salem, NC

"Their education is excellent; their professors are outstanding; their leadership is godly..."

We heartily recommend anyone seeking a Christian education for their child to consider Montreat College as their first choice. Their education is excellent; their professors are outstanding; their leadership is godly. We are proud to tell anyone that our son Bradley graduated from this great institution!

Wyn and Diane Harter, parents of 2008 graduate Bradley Harter
of Charlotte, NC

"An incredible Christian environment..."

My daughter chose Montreat due to many of its strengths: a small, intimate setting; a place to express her gifts in soccer and leadership; an incredible Christian environment; and a desire to pursue a ministry calling. My family and I thank you for continuing this focus on these strengths.

From Brian Worley, father of Montreat College student Rebekah Worley
of Raleigh NC



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