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Disability Services
Montreat College will provide reasonable accommodations to known disabilities whether visual, hearing, mobility, medical, learning, or other of otherwise qualified applicants and students. 
Eligible students should follow these steps:
  • Identify him/herself to the Director of Student Success (Belk 218 or phone extension 3638).
  • Submit to the Director of Student Success current documentation (not older than three years) of his/her disability.
  • Be willing to participate in additional evaluations to confirm the disability, if requested.
  • Provide clear recommendations for accommodations from a professional care provider.
  • Request in writing the specific accommodations needed to enable his/her academic access. 
The Director of Student Success, in conjunction with other appropriate personnel, will assess a student’s documentation and determine the reasonableness of the requested accommodations. The Director serves as a liaison between students and faculty/staff working individually with students to develop and implement a plan for academic accessibility. As part of such a plan, students may be directed to the Counseling Center, Health Services, the Career Development Office, the Writing Center, and/or departmental tutoring. 
The Director of Student Success communicates with the appropriate faculty and staff regarding the specified accommodations and works with the student and/or his/her instructors to ensure that the plan for academic access is followed.

Disability Services

Disability Services

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Shirley McIntosh
828-699-8012 extension 3638