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While Montreat College races forward, keeping and setting the pace in the 21st century, our community maintains a sense of peace founded on an eternal God.  Our foundations remain unchanged and unchangeable: by God's grace and provision, we continue to foster the integration of faith and learning, we concentrate on the development of a Christian worldview in the minds and hearts of students in every discipline and degree program, and we seek a relevant, dynamic engagement with the world.
Though Montreat students are uncommonly smart, engaged, funny, dedicated, hip, sincere, and quirky, there is no typical student here. In the four-year program on the original Montreat campus, a soccer player from Jamaica might dine next to a poet from Charlotte, and a biology major from California might room with a future missionary from, or to, Kenya.  
In our School of  Professional and Adult Studies, the cohort make-up is even more diverse! Working adults in Charlotte, Asheville and beyond gather from all walks of life and a variety of careers to further their education and earn degrees as they balance family, work and studies. 
Montreat College students are diverse in thought and interest, they’re athletic and musical, they’re scholarly and comical, and, at their best, they’re absorbed in the immediate duty of hard work and classes, but aiming at changing the world through their ideals and gifts.  
All of our campuses bustle with energy and hope as future preachers and accountants, musicians and psychologists, teachers and biologists concentrate on becoming agents of transformation, renewal, and reconciliation.
Nestled in a cove below the 6000’ peaks of the Appalachian Mountains (in the shadow of the highest peak east of the Mississippi), and just outside the city limits of artistic, energetic Asheville, NC, the Montreat campus attracts students and faculty who want both the serenity the mountains offer as well as the history and attractions unique to western North Carolina.
There are many chances for students to enjoy the best of the region and explore cultural, athletic and outdoor pursuits both on and off campus. Students may engage in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Young Life, homeless outreach projects, mission trips, weekly chapel involvement, local churches and more.  Activities ranging from coffee houses, concerts, whitewater kayaking, rock climbing, caving, hiking trips, intramural sports, and formals all help students balance a rigorous academic schedule with adventure, rest and worship.
Through the Years

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